1. When enrolling a child in our program, we ask that you please fill out our registration form. This gives us general contact information for you, confirms your child or children’s name(s), and confirms that you agree to the safety waiver and Terms & Conditions of our program. If you have not yet filled this out, please be sure to do so. This only needs to be completed once and will cover students for the entirety of their enrollment, even if they are to take a break and rejoin the program.

  2. Your child is considered to be enrolled in our program until we receive advanced written notice from you that you would like to unenroll them. We do not have seasonal sessions, our program runs continuously. You can withdraw your child at any time, however, we do request a two-week advanced notice. You are also able to rejoin the program at any point, even mid-month.

  3. Payment can be made in one of three ways.
    • Manual payment via our website’s payment page. Here you can pay for one month at a time, or multiple months. We try to keep the website updated so you can pay up to 3 or 4 months in advance, we do not usually have payment available further out than that as schedules can change either with the center or our coaches.
    • Manual payment via cash or check. If you would ever like to make a payment this way and are unsure how much a given month is, feel free to reach out to me and I can let you know how much a given month or months will be. We are working on a system to have a live calendar on each center’s payment page that will show how many sessions are planned for a given month.
    • Recurring Payments registered via Pay Pal. This is a separate payment service you can enroll in, the link can be found on your center’s payment page by clicking the Orange “Recurring Payments” button. These accounts will automatically bill you towards the beginning of each month. One account is required per child, and these accounts will work indefinitely. If you ever want to take a break from the program we can pause them, or if you are moving or a child is going to school, we can cancel them permanently. Please be aware that if an account or card number changes on your end your account may experience an error on our end and may no longer work. I will be sure to provide you with an email if this does happen. You may need to create a new account with the updated payment information.

  4. We request payments be made toward the beginning of each month. Lack of payment is not considered a valid notice of withdrawal, we do try to be lenient with payments as we know how busy the lives of parents can be and it is easy for one thing or another to slip your mind. Please be sure to reach out if you are ever uncertain about where you are at with payments.
    • If you are making payments manually via the website, you are able to see payment history if you are logged into an account through our website. You are also able to check your email for <Payment@tumblintigers.com>, this should pull up any receipts for payments you have made through the website.
    • If you are making payments via cash or check, I can give you an envelope that can be used to provide payment and that will have a form on the front to keep a record of all previous payments.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you and have a great day!