We are Superstars!

Superstar Gymnastics

We are a mobile gymnastics enrichment program dedicated to providing students a safe and fun environment in which they can learn the physical, social, and mental skills they can carry with them into any activity!

Class Description

Classes are held once a week at participating childcare centers.  The cost is $12 per class billed by the month. 

Classes are 30 minutes long and feature fun new themes and equipment each week. Each class features 7-10 stations that students are continuously moving between. 

Our coaches give constant positive feedback and spotting to ensure that students both progress in their skills and feel confident while doing so. 

Each skill is taught by progression with a focus on each students individual needs and abilities, so even as your child ages they will constantly be challenged by our program.


Featured Equipment

We use the same equipment found in a preschool gymnasium

  • Springboard
  • Single Rail Bar
  • Octagon
  • Trampoline
  • Incline Mat
  • Back-handspring trainer
  • Parallel Bars
  • Trapezoids
  • Floor Beams
  • Balance Boards
  • And more!
How to Enroll

1. Registration

Please follow the link below to fill out our registration form. This agrees to the Safety Waiver, Terms and Conditions, and provides us with your contact information so you can receive updates about classes. Please note, enrollment is considered ongoing until we receive a written notice of withdrawal.


You can find your childcare center’s payment page using the link below. When paying you can use a Credit / Debit Card or an existing Paypal account. We also offer recurring payments as a separate payment method which you can enroll in using the link found on your center’s payment page. Payment for our classes is separate from your childcare tuition.



You can find the answers to some commonly asked questions as well as our contact information to ask your own. We look forward to hearing from you!