We are Superstars!

Superstar Gymnastics

We are a mobile gymnastics enrichment program dedicated to providing students a safe and fun environment in which they can learn the physical, social, and mental skills they can carry with them into any activity!

Part-time work that pays like full-time!

  • You can pick which days of the week you would like to work and which childcare centers you would like to work at, keeping your classes as convenient for you as possible while also matching your schedule as best as we can.
  • You can work mornings, afternoons, or both! Morning classes are held anywhere between 8:30 – 11:30 am and afternoons between 2:30 and 4:30 pm. Specific schedules will vary from center to center.
  • Once we get your schedule set with your centers, you will hold classes on those same days every week.
  • Minimal computer work required (sending weekly theme emails and answering general parent questions about your classes). Superstar Gymnastics will take care of all billing, website, and general program questions.
  • I provide all resources needed for successful growth at each center. Paid training, printed handouts and flyers, and all customer service needs.
  • This can be extremely fulfilling work if you put in the effort. You must love being around children, be able to engage them on their level, and have fun.
  • And as always when working with children; you must have patience! There will be crazy days, be able to roll with the punches and keep a smile on your face!

Tools you'll need

  • Your own vehicle that is capable of hauling larger gymnastics equipment. Larger sedans will work with some equipment restrictions. Vans, Trucks, or SUVs are preferred.
  • A smartphone capable of pictures, emailing, texting, and the use of the Discord app.
  • A personal computer is helpful, but not necessary if you have the requisite smartphone.


You can email us at <contact@superstar-gymnastics.com> with any questions or to send us your resume!