Class Description

Classes are held once a week at participating childcare centers. You can find the list of centers here. The cost is $10 per class, billed monthly and enrollment is on-going until a notice of withdrawal is given. We are not seasonal or “term-based”, classes will continue as long as there are enough students enrolled.


Click the picture to see a full floor layout showing some of the equipment for a class session.

Class Description

Each class is 30 minutes long. 

  • Meet on parachute
  • Coach introduces and demonstrates stations. Each circuit is made up of 8 to 12 stations.
  • Stations focus on
    • Hand-Eye Coordination
    • Large Motor Skills
    • Small Motor Skills
    • Balancing skills
    • Tumbling Skills
    • Coordination¬†
    • Cardio
    • Core Muscle improvement
  • Class ends with teamwork and listening skills.

Spotting is used for certain stations and for new students and younger students until their self-control and self-confidence allow them less assistance.


Program Highlights

  • No standing around
  • Coaches bring equipment that you would find in a preschool gymnastics gym
  • Skills taught by progression. This means that each skill is taught at a basic beginner level. When a student has mastered each skill, variations of that skill along with the next progression are taught until the student masters each skill at the highest level.
  • Each student learns at his or her own pace
  • Coaches give constant positive feedback


We have new and exciting themes each month to make the exercises more engaging and fun for students.

Tumblin' Tigers Gymnastics

Multiple stations, different skills, All Fun and Active!